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Our Unique Solution to the Supply of Ink and Toner: Meet Inkwell

Do you want to:

  • Save valuable time and money?
  • Avoid signing a contract?
  • Never have to worry about running out of ink or toner again?
  • Ensure you never get stuck with cartridges that you no longer need?

In that case, you best keep reading.

What is Inkwell? How does it Work?

Inkwell is a service designed with you in mind with the aim of taking the hassle out of your supply of ink and toner. It has been carefully designed to cater specifically for the needs of our customers and has proved to be effective in over 250 schools across the UK. Our customers love Inkwell and if you would like to see some of their experiences with it, you can read some of their testimonials here. We don’t like our customers to feel “stuck” so we operate a no-contract policy, instead we just ask you to read and return a Spirit of the Agreement to ensure that you fully understand how Inkwell works! We just want to be able to help you save time and money.

    • We supply you with a mutually agreed amount of ink and toner stock upfront.
    • You use these cartridges, as normal, as you need them.
    • Once a month we ask you to complete a quick, online stock check.
    • You are then invoiced for the cartridges that you have used and we automatically top up your stock.
    • We continually monitor your usage to ensure that you always have the correct stock levels.
    • You receive loyalty points for every invoice we raise that can be spent in our fantastic Rewards Catalogue.

For any queries or more information about our unique Inkwell system please give us a call on 01621 877 600 or contact us here.   Inkwell-logo

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