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Networking & Communications

At Silicon Alley we can provide schools and businesses with all their networking and communications from the high end Cisco equipment to their individual Netgear solutions.

As of 2009, the number of objects connected to the internet surpassed the number of people and as of today more than 99% of our world remains unconnected. In the last twenty years, 2 billion people became connected to the internet and in the next ten years these numbers are predicted to increase exponentially. As the number of devices connected to the internet increase at such an incredible level, networking too becomes ever more important. We are in the business of connecting the unconnected and aim to maximise the positive benefits that can be achieved from a total networking solution.

We can also provide installation and advice to help you achieve what you are looking for.

For any advice, queries or for a quote please contact our resident expert, Ian on 01621 877 600 or contact us here.

The personable computer people