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The world of printing can be very overwhelming as there are hundreds of different printers to choose from, each requiring different kinds of consumables and there are also a number of ways to manage your printing.

The big questions you need to ask are:

“How many printers do I need?”

“What cartridges do they take?”

“Do I want to use remanufactured or original cartridges?”

“Where should I put them?”

and most importantly “Is my current printing system cost effective?”

At Silicon Alley, we can help you through this process and all of your needs can be met in one place. We can provide printers from a huge number of different manufacturers and with over twenty years experience in selling printers, can help you find the best make and model to suit your specific needs. From individual orders of ink and toner cartridges, to our unique Inkwell service. We are here to support you.

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