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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards have a very prominent presence in the education sector but are also frequently used in the private sector.

Interactive whiteboards have become an essential part of education in the UK as well as being a prominent feature in boardrooms up and down the country, enabling presentations to become far more interactive.

In essence, the white board becomes an interactive display that is connected to a computer. The desktop screen is projected onto the whiteboard and can then be interacted with using either a finger or some form of stylus, turning your whiteboard into a large touch screen.

SMART whiteboards are specifically designed to be integrated, modular and evolving. This means that all the SMART products you use can be connected, easily adapted to your learning environment, and will continue to work as your technology needs evolve in the future.

As specialists particularly in the education sector, we are constantly keeping up to date on the newest interactive whiteboard technology so we are able to give you informed advice on the technology that best suits your needs.

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