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Digital Signs

Digital signs are often found in public and private environments including schools and higher education establishments, corporate buildings, libraries and retail stores.

Digital signage refers to the use of technologies such as LED/LCD/Plasma screens or projected images to convey targeted messages to specific audiences.

Digital Signage can be used in a number of different ways: marketing and promotions, live news, animations, to display students’ work, show off your latest campaigns or broadcast other messages. They can be a great way to advertise special promotions or goings on at your establishment and can be used to convey a huge variety of different information.

Since digital sign content may be both frequently and easily updated, saving the printing and/or construction costs associated with a static sign, and also because of the interactive abilities available through the accompanying employment of such real-world interfaces as embedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices, they are becoming ever more popular in a wide range of different areas.

To find out more about what kinds of digital signage is available and would work best for your environment, or for a demonstration,  please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01621 877 600 or contact us here.

The personable computer people