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Dell Professional Soundbar AE515M – for monitor

£28.00 inc. VAT

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Item is NEW, and is sold with the full manufacturer’s warranty, VAT invoice provided. 

Compatible with the following Dell Displays
E1914H, E1914He, E1916H, E1916He, E1916HL, E1916HM, E1916HV

E2014H, E2014T, E2015HV, E2016, E2016H, E2016HV, E2214H
E2214HV, E2215HV, E2216H, E2216HV, E2218HN, E2219HN
E2314H, E2316H, E2316Hr, E2318H, E2318HN, E2318HR, E2318HX
E2414H, E2414Hr, E2414HX, E2417H, E2418HN, E2715H, P1914S
P1917S, P1917SWh, P2014H, P2016, P2017H, P2018H, P2214H
P2217, P2217H, P2217Wh, P2219H (with mount), P2219HC (with mount)
P2314H, P2317H, P2317HWh, P2319H (with mount), P2414H, P2415Q
P2416D, P2417H, P2418D, P2418HZ, P2418HZM, P2419H (with mount)
P2419HC (with mount), P2714H, P2714T, P2715Q, P2717H
P2719H (with mount), P2719HC (with mount), S2719HS (with mount)
U2414H, U2415, U2417HJ, U2419H (with mount), U2419HC (with mount)
U2515H, U2713H, U2715H, U2719D (with mount), U2719DC (with mount), U2917W
U3219Q (with mount), UP2516D, UP2716D, UP2718Q, UP3017, UP3216Q, UZ2215H 

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